As a knowledge-based organization, our people are our assets.

We aim to provide our clients with high-quality and up-to-date knowledge. Globalization and changes in national and international legislation have caused huge developments in the profession. It is therefore extremely important that our people stay educated in these constantly changing and demanding circumstances. Our team consists of highly qualified tax lawyers, lawyers and accountants that are educated and trained on a regular basis so to stay up-to-date.

Siegfried Kenswil, founder of Kenswil & Co, was born in Suriname and studied Tax Law in the Netherlands.

After graduating from the University of Leiden, he gained extensive experience as a tax lawyer in the Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean and Middle East, where he worked with two big 4 firms for over 10 years.

Upon his return to his home country, he decided to set a new standard in tax advisory and started the firm Kenswil & Co. Since inception of Kenswil & Co, the firm has attracted top tax & legal talent locally as well as from abroad.

Social Responsibility, Leveraging & Diversity

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our work. Leveraging our know how and resources, we try to make a lasting difference to many of Suriname's social and economic challenges. Through our pro bono work we contribute to low income families, support young entrepreneurs, advise on national projects and guide government policy.

Diversity is a cornerstone of our firm's and country's culture. We believe an inclusive workplace gives clients true insight and exceptional service.

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