Siegfried Kenswil

Our tax & legal summary memo on the Recovery Plan 2020-2022 (Herstelplan 2020-2022) that was released on May 13, 2021 by the Government of Suriname. Download the PDF below:


Best Oil & Gas Legal & Tax Specialist for Suriname

Kenswil & Co was in 2020 nominated by its clients for the South America Business Awards. We recently received confirmation that we have been awarded: Best […]

2021 Tax Law Books

Kenswil & Co in collaboration with HBN Law & Tax, will once again publish the Tax Law Books for Suriname: edition 2021. The taw law book […]

Kenswil & Co and HBN Law & Tax cooperate

Accelerating Ambition Ever since its foundation in 2017, Kenswil & Co has been surging the tax & law firm rankings in Suriname. With a dedicated mindset, […]
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